Overcoming the Exporting Challenge

Efficiently managing international trade is a complex operation involving many parties and an ever increasing range of documentation requirements. It relies on the co-operation of trading partners and service providers to effectively move the goods and associated documents from the exporter to the customer in an economic manner.

Prodoc International Ltd provides software systems, consultancy and ongoing system support to automate data processing and formatting in support of an export business. It allows business to more effectively manage and mechanise the complex requirements of global trade and logistic processes.

Competitive Advantage – the Prodoc Benefit

By streamlining the export logistics, documentation and compliance process Prodoc means documentation and tracking processes are

  • Faster
  • Less resource intensive
  • More accurate
  • Simpler

This enables you to be more responsive, flexible, cost-effective and ultimately more competitive.

One size doesn’t fit all

Prodoc is not an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all pre-packaged software parcel.
Our solutions are highly customized for different industry sectors and are scalable to cater to the varying needs of different businesses.

Designed to fit:

Our specification and installation procedures ensure that processes, forms and documents are designed to meet your exact industry certification and administration requirements.


The core Prodoc platform supports single user installations equally as well as multi-user, multi-site enterprises.

Niche Applications:

Our range of additional custom applications extend Prodoc suitability;

  • Prodoc Trader, which manages and tracks product orders, invoicing and payments, in multiple currencies, ideal for a busy export trading organisation.