Hamburg Sud email re: CEDOs to ports

Hamburg Sud are currently sending out an email advising that Ports are now having issues getting CEDOs for Containers where a Location of Goods Code has been entered after the Custom change making it mandatory that CCAs get electronic delivery orders only.

This should not affect Prodoc users.

  • No freight forwarder = No location of goods code.
  • Freight forwarder but no [Customs Code] on freight forwarder = No location of goods code.

In Prodoc, Location of Goods codes are represented by the [Customs Code] field on a Freight Forwarder, more information here:

As a result, a Location of Goods code will only be sent if you select a Freight Forwarder (that has a [Customs Code] filled) on the Shipment > Details screen.

In any other circumstance no Location of Goods code will be sent (unless your company has specifically requested a customisation to add this).

This is the default behaviour of Prodoc 3, the information Customs and Shipping Companies have been sending out over the last couple months regarding changes should not affect Customs Entries sent from Prodoc 3 except in very specific circumstances (which are often config issues on the receiving side).

If you find you are affected by this change, please get in touch if you haven’t already but unless you’ve specifically been alerted to an issue around a specific shipment/container by Customs or the shipping company it is safe to assume that your submissions from Prodoc are correct.