Shipping Locations / Contacts (Stuffing Location)

With the new Trade Single Window (TSW) system for Custom’s Entries there is a new requirement for Stuffing Locations on containerised shipments which designate the location a container was packed (in the event of multiple locations on a single container, this is the last container and usually where it was sealed).

Leading up to the TSW switchover, Prodoc will configure the Stuffing Location column on the containerised profiles which is a dropdown that selects from Stuffing Locations you have created.

Creating a Stuffing Location

To create a Stuffing Location that you can select in the Products screen on a Shipment, navigate to Prodoc Home > New > Shipping Location / Contact

Under Contact Type, select Packing/Vanning/Stuffing Location

Then fill at least the Name, Address, City, Country, Stuffing Location Code and tick “Used in this System” then select Ok.

This location should now be available in your shipment.

If you forgot to tick Used, or need to make any changes. Navigate to Home > Edit > Shipping Locations / Contacts

Untick “Hide Unused Items” if required, and double click the location you’re wanting to change.