Prodoc Process Improvement Sessions

We now have resources available to once again offer Process Improvement Sessions, intended to examine your workflows end to end with the goal of identifying unnecessary processes and eliminating them via automation or moving the entry.

Ideally we want to utilise our expertise so that you can achieve more by doing less.

These are structured based on a Prodoc Support agent coming to your site and learning how you operate and particularly how Prodoc ties into your processes then using knowledge of Prodoc’s entire capability to redesign and smooth out how you work, with the goal of saving countless working hours and associated costs in both the short and long run, or alternatively boosting the capacity of a user to get more done.

Examples of work that can be done:

  • Identifying spaces of double entry, where you enter into your ERP system, import into Prodoc, then enter the same into Prodoc once again
  • Setting up automated calculations on profiles
  • Identification of EDI partners that you could be using
  • Cleaning up profiles
  • Eliminating unnecessary fields
  • Identifying defaults that can be set against various master data items
  • Implementation of reporting systems (such as Profit/Loss, or Supplier controls)
  • Plus a wide range of other aspects that are unique to your environment

Time Frame:

We can make ourselves available for any length of time but would recommend that it would take a minimum of one week onsite, being physically involved in the day to day process of producing Export Documentation. We already know what Prodoc does, now we want to know what you do.


A ten minute saving per user every day would save 42 hours per year. At $30 an hour that would be a saving of $1,260 per user, per year.

Realistically we’re expecting far more than a ten minute saving per user per day.


Please contact us for an estimate of costs, we estimate a week onsite would cost around $5,000 for the time however this would exclude associated implementation costs outside of this time. Ideally we would tailor something specifically for you.