Different Options

Every business is unique

No two businesses are ever exactly the same. That’s why Prodoc solutions are customised across several dimensions to create the ideal system for you.

We work though a process of consultation, to assess your business and provide recommendations based on;

  • Volume and frequency of exports
  • How many people need to use the system at one time
  • Do you want to use in-house IT resources to undertake ongoing development
  • Do you want to integrate with your ERP system
  • Which financial model best suits you
  • Any additional requirements

The application best suited to you

The heart and soul of most Prodoc solutions is our core application. This is the best option for 80% of business. It supports full EDI communications and ERP integration, is scalable and flexible.

This can readily be augmented with Prodoc Trader to support the additional requirements of traders,  handling infinitely varied sales transactions, relationships with multiple suppliers and customers, and multiple currencies.

DIY or fully serviced

It’s up to you. If you have in-house IT resources your people can provide ongoing support and development; generating new forms and reports as required. Alternatively we are happy to work with you over time as your needs may change.