How it works

The best ideas are simple

Prodoc is a highly customised relational database tool that communicates directly with your ERP system. It brings information together from a number of different sources; it formats the data according to your exact specifications, and then transmits the data to third parties as well as generating specified paper or electronic documents.

Prodoc is an information exchange brain; it listens and speaks to a diverse range of data sources, processing data and reformatting its communication processes to suit each target recipient and source.

Custom Built

Each system is customised to meet your organisation’s needs, ranging from a one user Prodoc set-up to a multi-user multi-site Prodoc Trader account.
We look at your business, its needs and resources, then recommend that appropriate core applications. We customise the following aspects to integrate seamlessly with your business practices.

  • Documents
  • Database structures
  • Forms
  • Reports

Client System Requirements

Prodoc is supported on all recent Microsoft Operating Systems (i.e Windows and MS Server) and is optimised for Full HD resolution screens.