Split Forms (new form per container/supplier etc)

In some instances, it is desirable to present single shipment data across multiple instances of a single form.

An example of what this means is a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) form or a Load Sheet, where you may have several containers on a single shipment with each container requiring its own form.

Within Prodoc this is called a split form, and presents a single form instance with multiple identical pages differing on specified criteria as exampled below (this form is split by container):

It’s also possible to individually view, print and submit pages:

This gives you the ability to represent just the data that you want or distribute the same form to multiple destinations without needing to manipulate the data significantly.

If you’re using Prodoc to invoice suppliers, modifications of your profile to specify supplier in conjunction with split forms can allow you to generate an invoice to all suppliers from a single form that contains just the products purchased from those suppliers.

This can then be further compounded with Additional Charges to apply taxes, levies, pallets and other charges required for supplier invoicing.

Get in touch if you’re wanting to look into split forms more closely, please be aware that form changes carry the regular form change charges.