Maintaining the Information Tree


The Information Tree is for you to store predefined sets of text that saves you time by not having to keep typing the same text over and over again. This means you only need to drag your text into any text editable field or area to use it.

The Information Tree is located in the Prodoc Home screen on the far right, as a panel. It can be expanded or collapsed. If it is collapsed, you can click on the two left pointing arrows to expand it into view.



To collapse it, do the same but click on the right pointing arrows.

If you click on the hammer and spanner icon you will enter the maintenance panel for adding groups and items to enable you to organise your information


Searching the information tree is done by entering your search criteria inside the search field as shown.


Creating groups and Items

There are two ways to create group, click on the hammer and spanner, then

  1. right click and select “Add New Main Group”,


2. click on the green plus


You will see there are multiple groups and items in the list as an example, this shows the structure of the list with main groups, sub groups, and items within groups.

Groups, sub groups, and items can all be arranged and re-arranged within the Information Tree.

Groups can be moved into other groups by dragging and dropping.

Items can also be moved by dragging and dropping them onto other groups or items.


Modifying Items or groups

To modify items or groups, click on the hammer and spanner icon then right click an item or group and select Edit.


Formatted text

Formatted text can be used either by copying from a word document or using the formatting section within the group or item edit window. To format group or item text, select the tick box “Copy as formatted text”.