Requesting multiple shipments on a certificate

Within Prodoc you can request up to two shipments on a Health Cert using EXDOC.

Status HCRP and generating the certificate.

After EXDOC steps 1 and 2 for the two shipments you wish to combine you should be sitting on the HCRD (Health Cert Ready) status.

It is at this point, prior to certificate generation, that you need to initiate the extra shipments to go on the certificate.

Fill BOTH shipments

Within the two shipments to combine, add the EXDOC 3 Generate Cert form but do not submit, this is what will initiate the multiple certs.


Then, in the sidebar for this form, fill in the second shipment number under “Additional Shipments on Cert. Request”:

Do this again on the second shipment, this time referencing the first shipment number.

What you should now have is two shipments in HCRD Status, both with EXDOC 3 form added, and both with the other shipment number in the “Additional Shipments on cert. request field”.

You can now submit EXDOC 3, Generate Cert on both shipments. Each Certificate will then reference the other within the EXDOC system.

Requesting a Certificate

Once the Certificates are Generated and History has been updated, you can then add EXDOC 4. The shipment will remain in the HCRD Status until you submit this form.

You only need to submit this once from either shipment, after which the certificate will be made available to print and containing both shipments.