Prodoc Signatures

User Signatures in Prodoc

Prodoc III now accepts most image types for signatures and supports transparencies on PNGs. If you have recently upgraded from Prodoc 2 then there’s no time like the present to update your signature.

To do this the following specifications for your signature are recommended:

Image resolution: 300dpi
File Type: PNG
Transparency: All background of image
Dimensions: Roughly 300*100 (suggest no taller than 150px or wider than 350px)
Colour: Blue (recommended by Chamber)

Once you have your signature file, navigate to Edit > System Configuration > User Details

Right click on the Signature Box and select Load from File:

Then select your image and press Open, then Ok once you’re happy with the signature.

It is recommended that you open a form and check that the signature is sized correctly, edit your file accordingly then load in the same fashion.

If you need assistance, Prodoc are able to generate a working signature file from a scan and upload it for you however support on this is billable at the standard hourly rate.