New Users in Prodoc

Adding a new user in Prodoc II & III

Prodoc creates and loads user accounts based on their Windows profile, as a result when a new user starts Prodoc they should automatically be prompted to create a profile wherein they can load their signatory info, signature, Customs Declarant info and MPI data.

There should be no further action required on the Prodoc side as far as user creation is concerned and the user is now free to use any computer as long as they’re logged into Windows using their own credentials.

However they will also need to be able to access the Prodoc Database and Prodoc Server share, which IT will be able to configure.

Prodoc Database and Share

Users require DBO access to the Prodoc database so that they can read, write and create and delete temporary tables, this is in the form of Active Directory (AD) groups or named user permissions.

If your environment is configured using named users, IT will need to add the user to the Database as DBO and possibly the engine security group. They will also need access to the Prodoc Server Share which is often mapped as \\[prodocserver]\ProdocApp\

The recommended, and most common, method is to create an AD group assigned to the DB and Engine and assign permissions accordingly. This will allow IT to simply add the user to the relevant AD group which should also be assigned to the Prodoc Server share for full access to Prodoc with minimal work and interference.