Cannot Send Email in Prodoc III

I told Prodoc to send a form as an email, it said “Printing” for a second then nothing happened.

It may be worth waiting 30s to see if you get an error message, if it has been more than 30s:

If you are using a Terminal Server and Outlook, then it’s likely the dialogue box in the picture above is sitting behind Prodoc. It may have possibly popped on top.

When using Outlook with a Terminal Server, especially in older versions of Office <2013 and/or Windows, Outlook is unable to detect whether the antivirus is functioning. As a result, Outlook locks itself down to prevent malware from sending spam and will ask each time a third party application (Prodoc) sends a request to send an email.

You can unlock it for a single message, or a time period.

If your IT knows that the antivirus is working as it should be, then it is recommended to turn this system off and this can be done by altering Programmatic Access in the Trust Center in Outlook settings and changing it to “Never warn me”, this option is selected by default when Outlook can detect the status of the antivirus installed.

Missing Prodoc PDF Printer

During the install of the Prodoc Client, whether locally on your machine or on the Terminal/Citrix server, the Bullzip PDF install was skipped.

You (or IT) can reinstall this by installing it directly from the Prodoc share, or running the Prodoc Client Install again and allowing it to install Bullzip.

Send Mail Error

There’s a few reasons for this, a common one that matches the exact example above is that Outlook is not installed/configured and is often seen on Terminal Servers.

Prodoc III has two methods of sending emails, a call to Outlook to send the PDF document or a direct connection to your email server.

If you do not have Outlook installed on the same remote instance of Prodoc, then you will need to configure your email account in Prodoc to allow it to send as you.

First, open Edit > System Configuration > User Details

Click through to Email Settings

And fill in the required settings, usually sourced from your IT Team.

Once configured, Prodoc will be able to directly send forms as emails if you are not using Outlook in the same instance as Prodoc.